Get My Look!

This is me:


Aren’t I cute?

ANYways, Emma come now… These are the products from Glamore Cosmetics that I am loving right now!

I use the Ultra Hydration every morning and night and I really love using this milky, foamy face wash. It cleanses my skin wonderfully and doesn’t make my skin feel tight like some face washes do. This is also the perfect product for providing a clean slate for me to apply my make up for the day.

Ultra Hydration

Next up, during the day of course, is this Perfect Make Up Base that is NOT available from Glamore Cosmetics yet!



But I am the tester bunny and a little birdy told me that this silky smooth make up base will be landing on SA shores before the month is up! Let me lay it down for you, this product makes my foundation stick like glue, it does not budge which is amazing. It doesn’t leave an oily residue and is super easy to work with.

I’m currently using Oceanic’s BB Cream too.

BB Cream

Because it’s winter now and my skin is drying out, it needs all the moisture it can get and this BB Cream provides that! It’s a bit darker than I’m used too but blends easily. It’s quite a thin formula so my skin feels like it’s “breathing” the whole day– WIN!

A combination of powders is up next. How I chose, you ask? Basically whatever I feel like! The Rice Powder is a MUST though! It mattes the BB Cream and provides a nice finish.

HD rice powder 302  Rice Powder in 2

Bronzer   9 Bronzer in 9

city fashioncf 1 City Fashion Illuminating Compact in Natural

What’s interesting about the bronzer is that it has three different colours that provide, obviously, a different finish. All three provide a light shimmer and brighten up my face. I tend to use the light colour bronzer in combination with the Illuminating compact as highlights when my face needs brightening up. The darkest colour of the bronzer gives my cheeks some colour (Pale for days, hello!)

My standard mascara that I swear is growing my eyelashes is the Maxxi Flexxi! I will never find a better mascara; it’s waterproof, long-lasting, doesn’t crumble or smudge. If I could bottle perfection it would be this!

maxxi lash flexi

vitamin cocktail 154

The Vitamin Cocktail Intense Colour Lipstick in Frozen Cherry finishes off my look. I cannot express how much I ADORE this colour! It’s a red/plum/wine colour that is my new fav winter colour! Love, love, love!

Finally, I need to take my make up off at the end of the day and I use the Combination 2-in-1 Micellar Make Up Remover.


It’s a light make up remover that doesn’t aggravate my skin. There’s also not a particular smell to it so is quite pleasant to use.

If you’re still with me at the end of this MAMMOTH post. What’s your current look? Anything you’re changing up for winter?



A Hean Review by Tina

*This is a review from Tina. Tina bought Hean products from us a few week’s ago and this is what she has to say:

“Hi , my name is Tina and I am an eyeshadow addict!”

**Everyone goes: HIII TINA!**

 “I am constantly buying new combo’s and colours but tend to stick to the same brands I’ve used for years. So naturally when I popped onto the Glamore site and saw the pretty Hean Trio sets I was tempted but slightly apprehensive about a brand Id never used. The eyeshadow addict in me took the plunge and I chose this gorgeous trio.”

 “I chose this colour combo simply because my purple combo was on its last legs and I would need a replacement soon.”


“Impressed is what I am! The Hean eyeshadow is feather soft and I did not have to rub the heck out of it like Ive had to do with other brands. The colour is pure and bright without being overwhelming, and blends perfectly.  Another bonus is that its less than quarter of the price I usually pay!”



“The Hean eyeshadow also has staying power- it lasts throughout the day without fading and can easily transition from day to night without a touch up. No need to look shabby at your kid’s parents evening after a long day at work with Hean.”

“I will definitely be purchasing some more Hean trio’s in the future. Worth every penny :)”

A-Not-So-Ordinary Misfit: Secrets Revealed

This is Michelle. And she runs a blog called Ordinary Misfit and this is her GUEST POST for us!

michelle pink

1.      When and why did you decide to start a blog?

I started blogging in 2005 as a sort of online diary.  I blogged about my daily life and doings.  It then became a blog about stuff I used and or liked like products or books or movies combined with my every day life.  When I sort of fell in love with nail polish it slowly but surely took over my whole blog.  It is probably the one thing I am most obsessed with (besides pink, leopard print and unicorns of course).  I do still now and then include a post here and there about something that isn’t nail polish related but polish always wins in the end.  I am also lucky to still have a lot of those old posts on the blog even though I have moved platforms and services many many times since the beginning.

2.      How did you name your blog?

My blog was originally ‘HoneyB’ and ‘Honey’ was my online profile since the beginning of time. I used that for everything I did online.  About 2 years ago I decided it was time to do a complete overhaul of my blog and brand and while discussing it with my husband he threw out something about me being an ordinary misfit.  Both of us immediately knew it was the perfect name.  I always say that I am a bit of a misfit – but everyone is in their own way – so I am just an ordinary misfit in an extraordinary world and life.

3.      How did you find the nail art community?

When I started to get into nail art I googled and found so many blogs and through commenting on those and eventually finding groups and pages on Facebook I realised that it is really one big community.  It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the love of polish combines us all.  I have made great friends from all over the world just from sharing the love of polish.  I then found many other South African polish lovers and not only are we all part of the global nail art community but we have created a bit of a South African one too.  It’s so much fun.

4.      What do you love most about blogging?

Everything!  I love having a platform to express my loves and passion and likes with others and also getting feedback almost instantly.  I love the interaction and support.  I have also found that even though we all have our own styles, the support and feedback is always so encouraging.  Even those who would probably never do the same thing because their style is different.  Selfishly, I also love that I have been able to influence some readers.  Whether it be what products to try or styles to do.  Or even more, influenced and encouraged someone to try nail art at all.  After all, it was a blogger who got me interested in nail art to begin with.  It’s a really awesome feeling getting a comment from someone saying they tried something or did something based on something they read on my blog.  It’s amazing!!

5.      Your fav nail art technique?

Gosh this is a tough one.  It would probably have to be stamping.  For the longest time I tried to avoid doing it too often because I found it so easy and thought others would see it as ‘cheating’.  I have since noticed that it isn’t always that easy for everyone and have decided that even if someone thinks I am cheating at nail art, It’s ok because I love it and the designs you can create with stamping are endless!  After stamping it would probably be polka dots and using tape to create interesting designs.  Not to mention leopard print of course, which I will include in “polka dots” 😛

Click here to see Michelle’s fav technique with HEAN polishes! (They’re FAB!)

6.      What technique took you the longest to master?

Anything freehand.  I still can’t do freehand to save my life.  I can barely draw a straight line on a piece of paper so it really shouldn’t be a huge surprise.  But give me a brush and I’m bound to mess it up somehow.  It doesn’t stop me from trying though and every now and then I will butcher a design by trying to freehand it. They do say practice makes perfect right?

7.      Fav mani you have ever done? (I know mom promised easy Qs buuut)

Oh noooo,  this one is hard!!!  Ok, it’s a toss up between 3.  The rose gradient ( ), The geometric nail art I did in a twinsie post with Thea ( ) and my Pinkmas christmas nails I did this last christmas ( ) This last one specifically because it was a personal favourite (hello, it was pink!!) but I didn’t think it would be received all that well but yet everyone really loved it.  And it won me a competition too.  So it’s quite special to me.

8.      Where do you get your inspiration?

I see inspiration all around me.  From fellow bloggers (pinterest is handy for this), from colour combinations.  I often watch a movie or a tv show and will see something that I think will look great on nails (I was recently inspired by a design done on Project Runway – The red plaid and white plaid outfit).  Clothes of course. Sometimes I will notice two or three bottles of polish standing together and realise how amazing they look together.  Sometimes an image on a stamping plate.  I am not sure if I am just so obsessed and therefore everything I see is inspiration or if it is that way for everyone :P.  There are times when I really suffer from a block and even though I have all these ideas I just don’t seem to be able to do them.  For these times a nail art challenge (like the 31 day nail art challenge every September) is excellent.  It forces you to think out of the box.

large (2)


Me and Michelle xx

Why I Love Hean

Recently, I started using Hean products (read two weeks ago) and I wanted to give it some time before I actually formed some opinions on it. And if you know me, or even if you don’t know me, you should know that I always have an opinion on everything. Now, you get to hear my opinion on Hean.

Lemme start with this: my skin is SUPER sensitive! And I mean SUPER! Any mascara I have ever used caused my eyes to water and I had to take it off immediately. My skin reacts the same to all sorts of eyeshadows, some foundations (especially compact powders) and don’t even get me started on eyeliner… So as you can imagine, Hean would have to be an exceptional brand for ME to achieve the desired results (not taking it off in 20 seconds) and to actually enjoy wearing the product.

That being said, here’s what I’ve been wearing for the last few weeks:

maxxi lash flexi

This is the Maxxi Flex Mascara. Here’s what I love about it: it’s long-lasting (by this I mean, I can apply it in the morning, spend 8 hours at university and my eyelashes STILL look amazing); it doesn’t crumble when I rub my eyes; it’s waterproof (water and tears- trust me!); it did not annoy my eyes AT ALL! The brush came in contact with my eyelashes and my eyes did not water- a true miracle! This mascara makes my eyelashes look long and beautiful (and my eyelashes are stompies- thanks mom).

mat effect2 pastel

The Mat Effect Foundation in Pastel is another product I have been using. I have combination skin (oily in Summer) so this foundation is PERFECT for me! Here’s an amazing bonus (story coming your way): I go to UCT and I park on middle campus, which means I have to walk up Jammie Steps– like 200 steps, in the heat (today was 36!!) and hope & pray that my makeup stays on! Here’s the bonus (finally): it adheres like a dream! This foundation kept my complexion smooth and even the whole day! WONDERFUL!

HD rice powder302

The Mattifying Rice Powder  in 302. I apply this over my foundation just for a bright look. It also is great for touch ups, just in case of emergencies. Which even in the heat, I haven’t had yet! (BIG SMILES)

vitamin cocktail164

Finally my look is completed by the Vitamin Cocktail Lipstick in Sweet Kiss (164). This lipstick is love and perfection! It also lasts the whole day, moisturizes my lips, keeps them hydrated and most importantly: looking fabulous!

This is me, giving Hean a HUGE thumbs up! I have concluded that this range is anti-allergenic, mild for sensitive skins, long-lasting and just AMAZING!

Go shopping!


Introducing: Your Nail Art Judges

We’re running a Nail Art Competition on our page from Sunday and what we want you to do, is send pictures of your manicures to us. Of course there are some rules:

1) The manicure must be inspired by the theme/object/trend set by our judges

2) The competition is only open to South Africans.

3) Contestants may only enter one manicure a week.

So, with that out the way, let me introduce our judges to you!

Our first lovely judge is Samantha Swanepoel:

sam passionate


If Sam had to describe herself in one word, the word she would use is “passionate.” This comes through in her nail art designs. Sam says she’s always had a passion for nail art. She did a course with Planet Nails in 2005. However, when she moved to Johannesburg in 2009, she stopped doing nails full time.

Sam discovered the online nail community in 2012 and began entering nail art contests as a personal challenge. She recently won the ManiMonday on Cosmopolitan and the Born Pretty 4th Anniversary contest. Through the nail art community, Sam honed her skills until they caught up to her passion.

Sam believes she is now a full-blown nail addict because she cannot walk past a nail polish store/stand/display without buying something. Sam, however, prefers to shop for nail polish online because she does not get tempted by other items in the online shopping queue.

Sam loves doing nail art, reviews and swatches.

Here’s a taster of Sam’s talents:



Our second judge is: Michelle Gray Roberts.

michelle pink

If Michelle used one word to describe herself, it would be “pink.”

Michelle became interested in the world of nail art after reading a friend’s blog (For the Love of Nail Art). Michelle was curious as to what the fuss was all about so she went out and bought a few bottles of polish and from there, there was no looking back. She spent hours reading blogs/watching tutorials and growing her nail polish collection.

Michelle gets her inspiration from fellow nail bloggers, patterns, fashion and even everyday items. She is obsessed with pink, leopard print and unicorns.

Michelle loves sharing tips, ideas and tricks with others in the hopes that it will encourage them to try out nail art. She loves the nail art community and the “sisterhood” where everyone just gets “it.”

Here’s a sample of Michelle’s work:

michelle snowflakes


Our third and final judge is Heather Janse Van Rensburg:

heather, fun-lovingjpg


The word Heather uses to describe herself is “fun-loving.”

Before Heather’s daughter was born, she went to a salon for a pedicure and walked out with the polish in her hand. She had been following a local nail art blogger (Ordinary Misfit or Michelle). With guidance and encouragement from her blogging friend, Heather’s love for nail art and polish became an obsession. Heather began blogging her manicures in 2013.

Heather is inspired by her pile of “untrieds” that never seem to dwindle down to nothing. She also gets inspiration from her fellow bloggers, when she participates in challenges and when the opportunity for a review presents itself. Heather hopes to inspire others to love nail polish and nail art.

Here is a taster of Heather’s work:

heather purple


Now that you know a bit more about our judges, I hope you will enter the competition so that they can find out more about you!

Summer Lovin’

One of my absolute favourite things about Summer is the bright colours. They’re everywhere but they can get a bit much what with the neon pink t-shirt matched with the neon yellow shorts (My eyes :/)

So, a nice subtle way of introducing bright colours into wardrobe is with makeup!

The Hean Summer Collection has all the essentials:

private_fot1 z13371153M,Cien-firmy-Hean

The introduction of these colours into an outfit is a perfect way to get glammed up for Summer.

The Summer Collection polishes come in 7ml bottles and the Neon Eyeshadows are Matte and Oil Free!


Stay tuned for more info about Hean.

Introducing: HEAN!





Here at Glamore we aren’t just one-trick-ponies. Oh no. We have many talents. Baking for one. Sleeping… Eating… And finding amazing, good-quality products to bring to you is just one of our many (read above) talents.

Now, we promise that this new product is just as wonderful as you are and we are unbelievably excited about this new venture.

Introducing: Hean! A Polish make-up range that is anti-allergenic, heavily pigmented, comes in various colours and is just fabulous!

Here’s a teaser:


Now if that doesn’t make you want to jump off your seat and hug me in excitement then I don’t know what will!


P.S. Stay tuned… I smell a giveaway(s) 😀


It is nearly Xmas here in SA and I thought I would just have a small say…..

In this world it is hard to be nice and kind because one never knows how people will respond! Some people are indifferent and there is no response.

Other people well…..other people write blog posts and make one feel good about things in life. Her review, which will only take a minute to read or maybe more because she even took pictures, warmed my heart and made me believe that giving is a really GOOD thing and especially now over Xmas is worth more than all the presents in the world!!

Merry Xmas go out give someone something from your heart!


large (1)

At Omega Nails, we’re going CRAZY for glitter this festive season! And you, my dear blogging lovelies, should definitely get in on this glitter-madness-action!  large (1)

How to do this, you ask? Well, dear blogging lovely- it’s simple. All you have to do is pop on over to our website: and do some Christmas/ holiday shopping.large (2)large (3)

Spend R250 or more (so get yourself those fabulous nail polishes you’ve been eyeing. Come on, you’ve definitely earned a present) and you will get FREE delivery and glitter pots thrown in (on us!)large (4) large (5)

Come on, dear blogging lovelies! It’s glitter! And you can never have enough glitter!large (6) large (7)

Head on over to our facebook page: to show us some much deserved love! Shower us with glitter….  large (8) large

I may have gone OTT with these glitter pictures but it is my firm belief that the world needs glitter, in all the colours and in all the places. I joke not! Glitter is the perfect accessory for any outfit.large large1

We. Are. Famous!


Check us out! We became famous this week when we featured in this week’s edition of People Mag.

First: how stunning do our polishes look? I know, super stunning! Second: check out our website to see more of the range and the two polishes showcased above.

Thank you so much to People Magazine for our first EVER publication in a magazine!